“Besides the Miklós Ybl Faculty, Siena and Trieste were the main stages in Daniel’s education. During his university years, he spent 1 year in Promega Architect Studio and has been working in Kruppa Architect Studio since spring 2007. The subject of his thesis wasn’t really a question for him: „ever since I can remember, drawing has been very important to me and my parents worked in analogue cartoon-making as well”. For the House of Animation, the new center and museum of Hungarian cartoon, Daniel chose a long, sloping plot in Margit street in Buda, where he also created a passage to the Tomb of Gül Baba. The thoughtful building complex would house exhibition spaces, studios and an open-air café and projection terrace. The jury liked the plans too: the Chamber of Hungarian Architects awarded Daniel the Thesis Prize of Budapest and later nominated him for the Junior Prima Award.”