Who we are
In PopArch, we believe in uniqueness. We believe that there are no two identical projects, clients, or circumstances… Throughout our work, we strive to extract the best and most from this triad, leaving both ourselves and, of course, our clients satisfied. This requires our indispensably high level of perfectionism, our experience, and our dedication and attitude towards our work. We aim not to take things for granted, and we love it when even the simplest things gain new and better meaning in our hands. We enjoy creating value rather than just using it.
We believe that since our establishment in 2012, it is thanks to this attitude that we owe our successes and our good reputation. This attitude has convinced our clients and builders that they can trust us with their tasks and that they are in good hands. Whether it’s an architectural or interior design project, we consider each assignment as a holistic entity. From the very beginning, we hold it entirely in our hands and under our control. Our clients can expect not only comprehensive planning but also a seamless execution and professional implementation from us, allowing our initial ideas to become reality by the end of the project.
Our lead designer, Dániel Udvarnoki, earned several prestigious awards even during his architectural studies (BÉK diploma award 2009; “Top 10 Creative Graduates of the Year” award 2010; the Breuer Marcell Diploma award 2013). However, upon graduating from university, he did not want to pursue the profession solely as an architectural designer. His prior practical experiences also reinforced this decision, highlighting the gap and lack of synchronization between office architectural design and on-site execution. It was at this point that he set the goal that defines the ars poetica of PopArch Studio: “to design with the eye of an executor and to execute with the eye of a designer.