“I bought the apartment for its potentials. I knew that if I found a good designer and constructor team, the apartment that was otherwise in ruins and had to be completely renovated would become a perfect home.

When choosing the designer, I used a small task to find the person who suits me best. Several good architects applied but it was Daniel who had the same idea as I did since first viewing the apartment. So it was him, whose vision matched mine the most and he continued to prove this later, during the works as well with his great ideas, 3D drawings and a flexible, always positive attitude. He worked quickly, well, creatively and on time. He even helped me in furniture design, his efforts in designing the kitchen on the computer helped a lot in finding the nicest and most practical kitchen and hallway solution in a very small space.

I can highly recommend Daniel both professionally and personally for a complex and high quality apartment renovation or even a family house construction.”